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Don't let life's little surprises leave you in the cold. Control your heating system from wherever you are to make sure your home is a 'smart home' and is always welcoming and warm when your family needs a warm welcome.

A smart home is a home which uses a range of interconnected devices, controlled by a smartphone or tablet from wherever the householder happens to be. This offers a precise means of controlling the heating in your home to make sure comfort is at a maximum with the minimum use of energy.

Using smart controls for your heating gives you everything that normal controls do, in terms of setting up the times, durations and output levels of your heating system to cope with regular household demand. Additionally, you can establish zones in your home to not only control the temperature and time but also the rooms that receive heating and when, to keep pace with your movements around the home.

Much more than that is possible though, and for the busy lifestyles that we all lead, having a smart control app can be a major bonus. Unexpected changes are very much the norm in many lives, the use of a remote control system helps to minimise the effects of those changes on your comfort level and heating costs.

For example, when you are running late, or delayed in traffic, you can override the timer remotely to save wasting energy while you are on your way. How about those occasions when you have had a very tough day and the aches and pains are reminding you of it? Perhaps a nice hot bath as soon as you walk in the door would make a world of difference to how you feel? Great! Simply use the remote to programme your hot water to come on and go off earlier to accommodate your need.

Better still, many of the systems are intelligent, learning your heating patterns so that within a couple of weeks, they can build up a good enough picture of your heating habits to be left to get on with it.

The possibilities are endless and the choice of systems so wide that there really is one that is ideal for everybody. For help and advice in finding the one that suits you best, just call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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